No sleep not one wink I really think I have Ibs the pains are like labour pains but worse . I now hate food as it seems every thing I eat hurts later . I don’t eat & I get bigger , I eat I get bigger . I can’t win .

Todays facebook

my life is like waiting for a boat at the airport .

So I uploaded some pics of me trying to look nice as maybe I might get a nice comment ha .

The photo of my husband & a friend licking each othe got a few comments tho . The same girl who  I’ve caught him checking up on her profile . So when your wife is fighting with demons don’t check out other women it bloody hurts 😦


Let’s start a dairy

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my memory is getting bad , my happy memories are few & far between . When was the last time I was happy with me & who I am ?? So hence my blog  . I will read it back in 2017 and probably cringe but let’s see what my year is about and hopefully learn from it.

P.s please excuse my spelling & grammar I’ve never bend good at it .